Kit Car/GTM

GTM as found in the barn (after the hay was removed)

Lying for 9 years, still had a full tank of petrol and was fitted with a 1275cc engine

Looks can be deceiving! The floors were completely gone (rotten) and by the time it was on the trailer it broke in two

New galvanised body under construction

Body at the high build Zinc primer stage

Body completed

Trial fit of engine and wiring loom

Final preparation stages for the painting

Painted and looking pretty good!
The Coupe was finished for the summer of 2003 and has covered approximately 350 dry summer miles to date (Jan 2005) since the rebuild. I must admit it is not for the faint hearted. It can be driven round the town quite easily and normally. When you want to "put the boot down" the turbo kicks in and all hell breaks loose as the G-forces push your head firmly into the seat.

It is without a doubt the fastest accelerating car I have ever driven (much quicker than the mini!). For an effective take off, drop the clutch at 4-5000rpm and it rips away with no hint of wheelspin.
  • Mini based Kit Car, Built in 1985; Rebuilt in 2002/2003
  • Galvanised Sheet Metal Tub with Glassfibre Shell
  • Mid Engined, MG 2.0 L Turbo Engine
  • Turbo Boost set at 17 PSI and 210 BHP
  • 0 to 60 MPH in 5.5 seconds
  • Top Speed of 120 MPH
  • Mini Sport "Quick Rack" Steering
  • Height Adjustable Spax Suspension
  • PACE Alloy Intercooler
  • Water Spray Cooling of Intercooler
  • Metro Turbo Disc Brakes (front); Mini Discs (rear)
  • Revolution RFX Wheels, 175/50/13 Tyres
  • Digital (SPA Design) Odometer
  • Cobra Monaco Seats
  • Caterham 3 Point Willans harnesses
  • 60 mm 1 off Exhaust System